who moved my cheese

I let my life move me forward into greater joy. There are no anchors in my world to fasten me to any one situation.  I accept the ever-changing, ever-unfolding action of God in my experience.  

Before vacation, I discovered an elegant and intuitive tool that brought together my emails, actions, projects, calendar, etc., all in one place while providing an excellent way to share work with others.  Eureka!  Upon my return, others of our office team had fallen for it as well.  Then, when I wasn’t looking, someone moved my cheese!  Without any warning, I received this notice: the company was shutting down in 30 days and deleting the accounts. This brilliant tool would no longer be available. I went into full resistance mode on the spot.  All I could think was, No! No! No! Couldn’t they see that this wasn’t possible?  What would I do?  As the shock continued to wind through me, I had to laugh at myself.  As open as I try to be with change, sometimes it just isn’t easy or comfortable.

2015-08-20 CheeseWho Moved My Cheese?  I remember well the first time I was introduced to this book by Spencer Johnson, back in 1998.  In it, Spencer reminds us that change happens and what is essential to us, what he terms “our cheese,” doesn’t remain constant.   His book (and this 16 minute video) offers some coaching to help us cope with the inevitable in our own lives.  Insights such as when you change what you believe, you change what you can do, encourage us not to be stuck looking at what was, but instead embrace what is unfolding.

That’s all well and good, but I don’t know anyone who welcomes change regularly in their own life.  One can certainly cultivate an openness and adaptability, significantly improving their ability to cope with change effectively and even with humor, but most people I know still struggle with it to some degree.  It’s hard work to cultivate resilience and an openness to change, but as I’ve come to recognize that regardless of how I feel about it, change is inevitable in my life.

2015-08-20 ElizabethIn my struggle, another book on change came to mind, written by a Hawaiian woman.  Nana Veary had seen enormous change in her lifetime, from the old Hawai’i ruled by native royalty to a very different one in the 1990s. She could easily have focused, as many did, on the tremendous losses. Instead, she developed a deep wisdom. Her beautiful book written in her 80s, Change We Must, offers many insights including:

I let my life move me forward into greater joy. There are no anchors in my world to fasten me to any one situation.  I accept the ever-changing, ever-unfolding action of God in my experience.  I appreciate the past, but it cannot bind me to any person, place, or thing….I let changes take place in my life. I know they must, and I know they will!  I accept all change as a spiritual adventure and begin the discovery of God in every new condition.

I find great inspiration in her words.  Can I trust God so completely that every change is an opportunity to discover God more fully?  I suspect I will continue to struggle with change in my own life as it happens.  But I yearn to be as open as Nana Veary, and equally trusting that God is in the midst of the ever-unfolding action in my life, and especially in the evolving understanding I have about God as I continue to live my life!

As the weather shifts, the ‘cheese’ of summer recedes. Change is once again upon us.  Help ease the transition by coming this Sunday to bless the ‘stuff’ of our lives, our backpacks, purses, wallets, phones. Asking God to use them to reveal himself more fully in our daily living.  Following the service, we’ll continue the celebration with the ice cream social and blessing of bikes. They may have moved my cheese and yours, but God beckons forward into greater joy!

Hope to see you Sunday,