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2016-10-10-elizabeth-howieI wrote a reflection today, but the dog ate it. Actually, don’t blame Howie. It wasn’t him. It was just one of those mysterious moments when technology, some slip of the finger you didn’t even know you made and bad luck conspire to make that which you have created simply disappear.  And today, as I’m going to take my amazing and patient and wonderful husband downtown to celebrate his birthday, I do not have time to re-create it. Instead, I need to recreate and celebrate.  And I hope you understand.

But I thought I would at least post part of the reflection, the part written by my friend the Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows:
We went to Wednesday youth church last night and Timothy had to give a “memory verse” from the Bible. This not being an Episcopal/Anglican tradition in the States, he didn’t have one. So he was coached to say, “Jesus wept, John 11:35”. One day I’ll explain to him why Jesus weeps continually for what we do to each other in this world. In the meantime, he’s here in the Bahamas not just because his Mama has sabbatical time, and not just to see family, but I bring him here so he can experience being a young black child who has nothing to fear as normative. So he can see black and white people living and working together as the rule rather than the exception. So he can breathe and run and make mistakes that won’t cost him his life. Sure, we can get some of that in our wonderful neighborhood in Skokie but even there my shoulders are tense and I make him keep his hood off his head.

Jesus weeps for ‪#AltonSterling and ‪#PhilandoCastile and the others whose names we may never know. Our job is to work for resurrection so that we can be unbound and set free–all of us. I don’t know how to do it–it is all so complicated. But if we can spend a billion dollars and 5 years to send a probe to unlock the secrets of Jupiter, we should be able to stem the tide of law enforcement killings of black folk.

Amen. And Amen.  And a question. How are we active partners with God in this essential work of resurrection and unbinding—that we all might taste and know of the joyful, freeing love of God in our daily lives?  And if we don’t know in this moment, as it is complicated, may we weep and also pray for God to show us the way.