Meet Elizabeth

I am a fellow human, a wife and mother, an Episcopal priest, and a seeker.

Life is made richer with a wonderful, supportive husband, a young adult son, an older stepson and faithful friends…as well as our beloved dog, Bailey.

Yet we are suffering because of the death of our 18 year old daughter by suicide this summer. We carry the enormity of her loss now and for the rest of our lives.

This tragedy follows not long after learning to live with cognitive challenges following a traumatic brain injury in February 2018, leading to my resignation from parish ministry. Nothing by comparison, but loss compounded nonetheless.

Jesus taught us the path of kenosis, to let go in order to live. While I tried on my own, I could not. The past few years have been a crash course beyond my imagining. I’m a slow learner.

But Love is patient and stronger than death.