Merry Christmas to all!  I pray that you are all enjoying the twelve days of Christmas with time for recreation and renewal.  My reflections this day will be on the brief side, with invitations to watch some sweet video clips of our Advent Lessons and Carols Pageant on December 17 and the Christmas Eve 4pm Eucharist.  Enjoy!

We began with original blessing and God’s delight in creation . . .the congregation was a bit surprised by their role:

And delighted with the results:

Abraham’s long journey was a little more challenging when there were technical difficulties . . .but persistence paid off:

We had some type casting to help us better understand Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords, who is in King David’s line:

And we were inspired by the promise and Mary’s courageous ‘yes’ once again:

But we had to wait a whole week—which let’s face it, is a lot better than waiting nine months—for Luke’s beautiful story of the Jesus’ birth. Children present brought forward each of the figures to build it together:


The children join in blessing the creche, including their precious stuffed animal additions:

And the little lamb, Joshua, helps us take into our hearts just what this child means to all of us:

And may we now have eyes to see as God sees:

Blessed Savior, in love you came to us as a child: Enlighten our hearts, that we may more deeply understand the richness of this gift and practice more faithfully your call to give of ourselves in love. Amen.