catch your breath

Do you ever feel stuck—on an idea, a viewpoint, a particular way of thinking such that you can no longer see the possibilities?  Steven Charleston, former bishop of Alaska, posted this on his facebook page recently:

Come stand over here, just a step or two beyond the place you have occupied for so long, where you have worn the earth smooth with your pacing, where you have spent so many hours fighting the problem you cannot seem to solve. Take a break. Catch your breath. Come stand here, where you can catch a freshening breeze and see far into the valley below. Let the distant clouds carry your worry for awhile, see how the sun empties the world of shadow. The answer you seek may be just a step beyond, a higher place where the view is clear of all obstructions.

I love this quote. Somehow it catches my imagination and reminds me that what I am able to see is always smaller than what actually is.  It seems to me that Jesus invites us to risk, to step beyond our current thinking and comfort zones, and to recognize that our vision is, by definition, limited.

I wonder if you have a story of a time when you have experienced just such a moment of opening?  If so, take a moment to recall the feelings. Perhaps there was some fear, perhaps some sense of expansiveness, perhaps you felt something else altogether.  Savor the recollection. Do you experience God in that process?   Now allow yourself space to wonder how you might take a step or two beyond your current place. What might that look like and what might God be calling you into?   What might the feelings be that accompany this possibility?  I hope some time this week you can allow yourself to feel the freshening breeze.  The invitation is always open to us.